3 – 4 bedroom unit/house

Target: Moving 3 to 4 Bedroom Unit/House. (Load average 45-50m3)

Means: 2 Experienced Removalists and 12-14 Tonne truck (Each truck have an option of having a 3rd man)

Materials: Thick Removalist Blankets , Removalists Ropes, Elastic Straps, Tape,  Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Trolleys , Dollies, Tailgate Lifter.


Please speak to our professional team to give you the best advice in regards to the truck size and the amount of removalists needed to secure a stress free move.


What It includes


  • 2 removalists
  • 50-55 m3 capacity
  • 12-14 tonne truck


  • 3-4 bedroom only
  • Outdoor & plants
  • Garage items


  • 4-6 employees
  • Their workstations
  • And computers

The table above is ONLY a guide, individual moves vary in their individual requirements.


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Service details

– Minimum of 2 hour charge applies on all jobs
– Rates are billed in half-hour (30 minute) increments; charges are from door-to-door – from the initial pick-up location to the final drop off location
– Our fair half-hour (30 minute) call-out fee applies for Sydney metro, or more for outer limits and country areas to cover return travel time
– The fuel levy specified in the booking form applies to:
All jobs have a minimum of 5% fuel levy
Jobs that exceed 20km have a 10% fuel levy
Jobs that exceed 40km have a 15% fuel levy
Jobs that exceed 80km have a 20% fuel levy
Any jobs that have return travel are a MINIMUM of 15% fuel levy regardless of the distance between
– Additional charges may apply if the destination fall through toll road/highway
– A surcharge of 1.5% applies for MasterCard and Visa
– You can upgrade to a 3rd man for $25.00phh excl. GST
– We recommend you take out insurance for your move- Removal Insurance

Also Note

If you are using a large truck with us please make sure there is adequate space on the property and the street. Please check for signs at both locations for any vehicular size restrictions.

Shift Time
– 7-7.30am Definite Start
– Between 9-1 (anytime within this time frame with half hour notice before arriving
– Between 11-3
– 3pm onwards
Please bear in mind that we may run a little late or early, depending on the previous move, We will call you half hour prior to arriving at the pick-up address.


What our client Says

" Please thank Johnny for a great job. He deserves high praise. Will definitely use and recommend Six Brothers. "
Prem Singh – The Ponds – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work