5+ Bedroom Homes

Target: Moving 5+ Bedroom Unit/House. (Load average 50m3-60m3)

Means: 2 Experienced Removalists and 16-20 Tonne truck (Each truck have an option of having a 3rd man)

Materials: Thick Removalist Blankets , Removalists Ropes, Elastic Straps, Tape,  Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Trolleys , Dollies, Tailgate Lifter.


Please speak to our professional team to give you the best advise in regards to the truck size and the ammount of removalists needed to secure a stress free move.


5+ Bed/Unit House

For serious moving needs, and serious amounts of furniture or equipment, this behemoth is at your disposal. Three moving specialists come along, giving you a small army at your disposal to get your things where they need to go.


What It includes


  • 2 removalist
  • 50-60 m3 capacity
  • 16-20 tonne truck


  • 5+ bedroom only
  • Outdoor & plants
  • Garage items


  • 15 employees
  • Their workstations
  • And computers


What our client Says

" Would like to thank the guys at the office but especially the men in the truck. They did not let us lift a finger. Exactly what we wanted "
Sasha Bell – Top Ryde – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work