Office move checklist

Office move checklist The growth of a company and the increase in its staff is always good news because it means that the business is prosperous. Sometimes this can mean having to move the company to a new office with … Continue reading

How to pick the right Removalist

How to pick the right Removalist Finding the right removalist means getting 50% of your move completed even before starting. Choosing the right service is not as easy it sounds, there are many removalist services out there and homeowners are … Continue reading

Packing products

Packing products Having high-quality packing materials plays a huge role in the safety and smoothness of your move process. Homeowners are often confused in gathering the required materials for their move and end up in using whatever they have in … Continue reading

Packing tips and tricks

Packing tips and tricks A move requires the transport of all your belongings, as varied as they are. To ensure their safety it is important to choose the appropriate packaging according to the object to be transported. We have some … Continue reading

How to move heavy Furniture

How to move heavy Furniture Moving houses is a difficult process especially Surely it has happened to you on more than one occasion you have wanted to move a very heavy piece of furniture and you have not been able … Continue reading

Tips on moving interstate

Relocation tasks are very complex and need to be shown treatment. However, we have put together some tips to facilitate your interstate move. BEFORE THE MOVE Bear in mind that an interstate relocation is a big challenge of life that might entail … Continue reading


What our client Says

" I have moved from Sydney to Melbourne once and dreaded the move back because of the first experience with another removalist company. Six Brothers assured me of a seemless move which I was skeptical about but must admit it was a great experience as a customer. Big thank you to Romeo! "
Owen Zhang – Carlton – 1 Bedroom Interstate Removalist Work