Furniture Removalists


Furniture Removal is different from moving other items from your residence or office. Furniture items are bulky, and heavy. We tend to place an emotional value with our furniture items and do not want any mark on its surfaces. In furniture removal extreme care needs to be taken as there is always a chance of irrecoverable damage because of mishandling by untrained, inexperienced workers. Only professionally trained and equipped personnel can attend to such stringent handling requirements. There is also a need for modern handling equipment that ensures proper lifting, packaging, and moving so that expensive furniture moves and arrives at its destination without any damage to its surfaces and structure. Six Brothers Removalist have been offering such a service with a long list of satisfied customers.


Residential furniture tends to be usually more fine and delicate than the furniture used in commercial establishments. Heavy use at commercial sites necessitates a robust structure and surface material. No matter whether your furniture is in residential use or commercial use, our professionally trained experts understand and care for the delicacies and special handling requirements of cheap Furniture Removal in Sydney. Our experts at Six Brothers Removalist are specially trained and have years of experience in handling furniture of all types and shapes. Classifying furniture before deciding on the packaging, lifting and handling requirement for any item is our first step in the process. We ensure that all steps get expert attention so as to maintain the quality standard that is our hallmark.


At Six Brothers Removalist we have developed expertise and experience in disassembling large pieces of furniture to smaller manageable sizes. This is done to ensure that when the furniture removal process is completed, customers find all their furniture in the same condition as it was in its original location. Disassembling furniture at the original location and reassembling at the final destination at the hands of experts makes it easier for us to provide a cheaper alternative to customers by utilizing smaller low-cost vehicle options.


No two furniture items are similar in size, weight, material and construction. That is why we have acquired a large range of 25 specially designed fleet of vehicles, to help you make a competitive selection that suits your budget. With the latest packing technology and vehicle design, our family run business is the furniture removalist for you! We have a full range of options to suit every individual furniture removal requirement at the cheapest cost possible. Our rates starting from as low as $18 per half hour compete with all other service providers in the market.

Still looking for a furniture removalist? Look no further. Contact us now on 1300 764 372 to join our list of satisfied customers for cheap furniture removal in Sydney.


What our client Says

" Romeo and Ronnie were awesome. Friendly and quick. They made it look easy. Really appreciate the professionalism. "
Andy Ayoub – Condell Park – 3 Bedroom Removalist Work