Packaging Services

One of our biggest priorities at Six Brothers Removalist, aside from making your moving experience as stress-free and efficient as possible, is providing top-notch packing and storage services to help protect your belongings, and serve our primary goal. But not only do we provide high-quality and low-cost (or free) shipping materials, packaging materials, and boxes. On top of that, our staff includes professional packers call the us today on 1300 764 372 about upgrading your service !


We are happy to offer our box service (bond applied per box), which can provide you with unlimited durable boxes for packaging and moving, to save you the hassle and cost of finding your own.  We can also offer high-quality packaging tape and other materials necessary to secure your belongings to your satisfaction.  Why not make your life easier by taking away one more step for your move? Allow Six Brothers Removalist to provide and meet your packaging needs for your next move today. Click on the link to read more about it


Below is a small list of packaging items that we can help you with !


  • Tea-Chest Carton 60cmx43cmx40cm
    $5.00 bond per box
  • Book Boxes- 43cmx40cmx30cm
    $5.00 bond per box
  • Packing Tape-$3.95(Heavy Duty*)
  • Bubble Wrap-(We Wrap All Items From TV’s to Dinning Table Costs Apply)
  • BUTCHERS_PAPER_ROLLSButcher Paper-$20.00 for 5kgs
  • wardrobe_box_1Portarobe 595x479x1106mm $20 bond per box
  • shrink_wrap_roll-1Shrink Wrap, We wrap all items from TV’s to Dinning Tables. Costs Apply



What our client Says

" This is the third time Six Brothers Removalist has moved us in two years. We are always very happy with the removal crew, hence our loyalty to you. Keep up the good work! Many thanks. "
Cremorne – 1 Bedroom Removalist Work