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Having high-quality packing materials plays a huge role in the safety and smoothness of your move process. Homeowners are often confused in gathering the required materials for their move and end up in using whatever they have in hand. That ends up with damaged items and an overall trouble move process. We will talk about packing materials and their specific purposes.


Bubble wrap is a plastic film covered with thousands of air bubbles. It is these air bubbles that form a protective mattress for the wrapped object. Thus, the object is protected thanks to the air bubbles that form a protective barrier capable of reducing the impact of a shock or a blow. The bubble film is also antistatic, which reduces the number of discharges of an object sensitive to static electricity.

The size of the bubbles vary depending on the object to protect: the default size is 1 cm in diameter but there may be bubbles of 2.5 cm in diameter! Bubble wrap with 2.5 cm bubbles is designed to hold only large objects. It is, therefore, better to use bubble film with bubbles of 1 cm for your fragile objects of small size.

Kraft paper

The main use of kraft paper is the storing of objects in a carton but it can also be used as food packaging. Kraft paper is known for its strength (in German “kraft” means “strength”), for its versatility and for its ecological side (it is created from wood from sustainably managed forests and is 100% recyclable).

Thanks to its high resistance, it does not tear at the slightest blow and can effectively protect the object by keeping it in place in the box. The strength of the kraft paper is verified by the grammage thereof (i.e., the mass of kraft paper per unit area, expressed in g / m²), the breaking strength (i.e. the maximum length of the paper that does not break) and the tear strength (i.e., the maximum force that can be applied to the kraft paper before it tears).


The adhesive tape, more commonly called ” scotch ” is used by everyone. Whether you want to close a cardboard box or stick a poster to the wall, the tape is everywhere. However, it should be known that there are several different adhesives, with stickiness more or less strong depending on the type of glue, and widths and lengths different.

Double-sided tape: ideal for bonding 2 surfaces together, double-sided tape is easy to use. The first side is like a standard tape. The whole difference is on the second side, on which a film must be removed in order to glue the two surfaces together. Another type of double-sided tape: the double-sided tape Canvas that secures textiles, carpets, carpets, etc. or the magnetic adhesive tape (1 adhesive side and 1 magnetic face on which you can magnetize small metal objects).


Classically, you can and must opt ​​for cartons. Their very affordable cost, their practicality (lightness, solidity and different dimensions etc.) will allow you to make sure that your objects are safe.


Port-A-Robe is a great solution to move your valuable clothes. They are designed very cleverly and practically. They are essentially portable wardrobes hence the name.

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