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Short and Easy Moving to a New House Checklist

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Moving house is a busy time, often challenging plenty of careful planning and physical work. Whether you’re moving into a bigger home or downsizing, many of us move home several times during our lives and realise there are several logistics needed in any successful relocation. To help you, we have put created a moving to house checklist with some of the basic information you may require to do.

Our Moving to House Checklist includes:

To help get you started when planning your move, Six Brothers Removalists has devised a simple moving to house checklist:

Do you need a removalist service?

When relocating, you generally have two options — moving on yourself with the help of friends or family or hiring a professional company.

Often you can choose the level of support you need, from assisting to pack and unpack everything through to simply loading up your pre-packed boxes and furniture.

Collect packing boxes

Next on our moving to house checklist is, Are you packing your household items yourself? If so, you’ll usually need a supply of good-quality moving boxes and strong packing tape that won’t give way. Many relocation companies and storage facilities sell boxes, or you can ask for any spares at local stores.

Consolidate and pack

When you prepare for packing, you may find things you had long forgotten about. Think if you need to organise a skip bin to dispose of things you may no longer need, Plan a garage sale for any items that you can sell.

At the Packing stage for the moving to house checklist, make sure you use enough padding for the fragile items and make sure it is within the limit of the boxes you are using. Marking which room the box is supposed to go to can speed up the unpacking process at the other end.

Take care of outstanding bills

Double-check if you have any unpaid bills. If you can, it would be a good idea to pay them off before you relocate or let your provider know you are relocating, to reduce the risk of missing the paperwork or accidentally accumulating late fees

Disconnect and connect utilities

This is a crucial step in the moving to house checklist. When you know your move-out date, you can plan for your utilities to be cut at the house you are relocating of and connected and ready to use at your arrival at your new house. These include:

  • Landline/broadband/NBN
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water

Hire cleaners

When it comes to cleaning your property, often you have the option of whether you want to do it by yourself or hire a professional. There are many cleaners who specialise in assisting people who are relocating house, whether you want a bond clean after you move out of a rental property, or for your new apartment to be clean before you move in.

Update your address details

Inform your service providers about the change of address, to make sure you don’t lose valuable mail and that your contact details and other relevant information are kept up to date. In addition to the utility providers, we suggest in our moving to the house checklist. :

  • Banks and any other financial institutions
  • Tax and legal advisors
  • Medical & dental practitioners
  • The Electoral Commission
  • Your superannuation fund
  • The Australian Taxation Office
  • Clubs, associations and other groups
  • Your children’s school
  • Any subscription services
  • The roads authority in your state or territory, who can update your driver’s licence
  • Any online shopping websites you use including Amazon, eBay and Book Depository

Redirecting mail

Even if you have updated your address with all your subscription providers, it can still be a good plan to redirecting mail from your old house to your new one. By redirecting mail for at least three months, you can analyze if there are any groups of colleagues, friends and family who missed the memo. You can put in your application to redirect your mail on the Australia Post website.

Professional Home Removals in Sydney

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