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The Top 3 Office Relocation Success Factors

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If you are in the process of relocating your office, you may be feeling overwhelmed. It can be a lot of work to move an entire office, and can be expensive if you don’t do it correctly. Let us share some quick tips on how to relocate your office on a budget. We will also discuss what to know before you start the process and the final outcome you can expect.

Create a Timeline

One of the first things you need to make is a timeline for your office relocation. This will help you stay organised and on track throughout the process. When creating this, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for each task. For example, you should start looking for an office space at least three months before your current lease expires. The sooner you start looking, the more likely you are to find a good deal. Then leverage the best option for your company. Planning out your finances is also imperative and deserves a place in your personal timeline. Finally, allocating research time for an affordable office relocation company that best meets your needs will allow for a stress-free move.

Chalk out Your Budget

The next step to consider when relocating your office is to figure out what your budget will be. This includes planning out how much you can afford to spend on rent, utilities, and other expenses. Once you have a budget in mind, you can start looking for an office space which best fits your criteria. Check to see if your business can function in a co-working area or keep an eye out for special facilities you may get with your office space lease such as swimming pool access, childcare centre and others which is a major advantage for a good work life for your employees. It’s highly recommended that you also read reviews and testimonials from other businesses who have used the office space to get an idea of what you can expect.

Hire an Office Relocation Company

It is a good idea to seek out a professional office relocation company who are trained to handle and move your furniture with extreme care. Reputed companies who are licensed can handle everything from packing up your old space to setting up your new one. This is a great way to take major stress off you and your employees during the relocation process. Additionally, offices have sensitive items like computers, projectors, printers and bulky furniture such as desks, chairs and conference tables which you would ideally want an AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) certified team of office removalists to handle for you. Some businesses may require extra care in handling cables, attachments, data points and need to be online as soon as possible after the office relocation. Thus, it is important to thoroughly understand the procedures of the relocation company you decide to move forward with and ensure you’re both on the same page to make the journey affordable and smooth.

Relocating your office can be a hectic task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips and doing your research, you can make sure the process is smooth and affordable. Keep in mind the importance of creating a timeline, budgeting and hiring the best office relocation company will be the defining factors of a successful office relocation.

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