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Tips on Moving Interstate

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Relocation tasks are very complex and need to be shown treatment. However, we have put together some tips to facilitate your interstate move.


Bear in mind that an interstate relocation is a big challenge of life that might entail a certain degree of anxiety, but it is guaranteed that this change will be, in the end, an exceptional experience if it is encountered with enthusiasm and joy in all its stages and the focus is on change as an adventure.

It is highly advisable to also hire a full coverage insurance to avoid unnecessary risks. In particular, if the transfer includes works of art, antiques or objects that you consider of special value.

Make sure to empty the contents of the appliances a day before the move: refrigerator, freezer, fryer, humidifiers or any other device that contains liquids or fluids that may spill.

Specify if there is any restriction to the traffic in the home of loading or unloading because it is narrow street, pedestrian, need parking permit, building with availability of lift or not, etc.

Hire your move as far in advance as possible in order to reserve the dates of the service. In this way unwanted overbookings are avoided.

During the move

Carry personal documents, as well as jewellery and money with yourself.

Try to be present both in the loading address and in the unloading address to make the appropriate indications to removalists about the place where they will have to set up furniture, fragile, valuable items, etc.

A golden tip: digitize all personal papers that can be transported in an external memory. For example, family photographs can be moved digitally, saving the packaging of dozens of heavy photo albums. The originals can be left in charge of a relative and moved later.

Finally, read the documents that will be presented to you by the removalists and sign the agreement while making sure everything is as they should be and damages has occurred.

After the move

  • Notify the change of address to family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances, customers and etc.
  • Renew your documents with the new address.
  • Renew supply contracts: gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, television, etc.
  • Update insurance policies for medical, home, vehicle, etc.
  • Moving to another state requires commitment and patience as the getting used to phase won’t be easy. Just remember that there is a reward waiting for you at the end of this tiring process – a new exciting life that will only take positive turns.
  • Moving abroad with the help of a professional like Six Brothers Removalist is synonymous with quality, tranquillity and efficiency in the service acquired.

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