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25 Essential House Moving Checklists You Should Never Miss [+Bonus tips]

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25 Essential House Moving Checklist You Should Never Miss

House removals is a big deal—it’s a fresh start, a new chapter, and a whole lot of packing and planning! To help you make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a complete step by step house-moving checklist. 

It’s filled with practical advice, bonus tips, and insights from the moving pros. We’re here to make sure your move is exciting and stress-free, so let’s dive in and get you ready for the ipcoming big moving day.

1. Plan logistics and timeline

First things first, let’s talk about planning! Moving to a new house is exciting, but you’ve got to map out the logistics and timeline to keep things smooth.

  • Picking the Perfect day and Time: Let’s mark a red-letter day on that calendar! Find a date that’s best for you. But hey, be sure to account for any unexpected twists and turns that might slow down the moving process. We’re aiming for smooth transition! 
  • Deciding How to Move: Let’s talk about your moving vibe! Are you leaning toward the professional house movers? Or perhaps you’re in the DIY spirit, gathering friends and family to lend a hand? It’s all about what suits your choice and budget. Time to find the perfect moving style for you! 
  • Picking Your Moving Partner: Time to scout out the perfect teammate for this move! Look into different moving companies, dig up some information, and pick one that suits with your vibe. 

And hey, have you heard of Six Brothers Removalists in Sydney? Yup, that’s us! 

We’re not just any movers; we’re your trusted mates in making your move a walk in the park. Don’t forget to ask for written estimates so you’re all clear on what’s in store! 

  • Planning Your Move Financially: Let’s get practical! Time to talk about financial matters for your move. Calculate the estimated costs for everything—packing supplies, transportation, insurance, and all those small expenses that tend to sneak up. Make sure your wallet is prepared for this exciting transition! 
  • Spreading the Word: Time to play the messenger! Give a friendly heads-up to your employer, school, bank, and any other important contacts about your move. Tie up any loose ends and ensure everyone’s up to speed on your upcoming relocation. 
  • Cataloging Your Stuff: Time for a bit of detective work! Grab a notebook or use your favourite app to list down all your belongings. Let’s go through and decide what’s coming with you to the new place, what you might sell, what’s ready for donation, and what’s due for a farewell. It’s like giving your belongings a little send-off party! 

Pro Tip: Leave some breathing room in your schedule. Life throws curveballs, so having a bit of flexibility in your plan can save you from stress and headaches.

2. Declutter and organise belongings

The second crucial step involves decluttering and organising your belongings before the move. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Sorting Your Items: Let’s get organised! Categorise your belongings into ‘keep,’ ‘sell,’ ‘donate,’ or ‘discard.’ It’s time to declutter and clear out what you no longer need. Keep it practical and efficient.
  • Minimising Belongings: Let’s simplify! Keep only what you genuinely need, use often, or hold dear to your heart. Say goodbye to items that no longer serve a purpose or have lost their practical value. Streamline  make space for what truly matters. 
  • Selling or Donating Unwanted Items: Let’s find new homes for things you don’t need! Have a little garage sale or give things away to local charities. It’s like giving a new life to your old things, and someone else might really need them! 
  • Discarding Unusable Items: Time to bid farewell to the broken things! Responsibly toss away things that are too damaged or can’t be used again. Let’s keep it clean and clutter-free! 

Bonus Tip: Begin this process early to steer clear of last-minute stress and carve out room for an exciting fresh beginning. Starting ahead of time is like giving yourself a friendly nudge towards a hassle-free move and an inviting start in your new house!

3. Research and hire movers

When it comes to hiring movers, taking the time to research and choose carefully is key. Here’s a simple guide to select the perfect moving company for your needs:

  • Comparing Moving Companies: Take a little tour in the world of moving companies. Do some research on a bunch of them, compare what they offer, how much they charge, what others say about them, and their qualifications. And hey, ask them to come over and give you an estimate in person. That way, you can be sure you’re making a smart choice! 
  • Ensuring Legitimacy: Before making any decisions, let’s do a quick check on the moving companies. Make sure they’ve got the right papers—licenses and insurance are a must. It’s like making sure you’re dealing with the real deal and not some trickster. Let’s avoid any moving troubles
  • Reviewing the Contract: it’s essential to thoroughly review the contract provided by the moving company. Pay close attention to the terms, conditions, and clauses outlined in the contract. Ensure that all necessary documents, including licenses and insurance, are explicitly mentioned and in order. This careful review is akin to ensuring you’re dealing with a legitimate and reputable moving company. 
  • Confirming Details: A week before your moving day, double-check all the details with the moving company. Confirm the date, time, and any special requests you might have. It’s like a final rehearsal to make sure everything’s in perfect harmony for your big moving performance! 

Bonus Tip: Make sure to book your movers well ahead of time, especially when lots of folks are moving. That way, you can choose when you want to move and make sure you’re all set. It’s like reserving the best seats for a show! 

4. Obtain packing supplies

Now, let’s talk about getting all the stuff you need to pack up. Here’s a list of what you’ll want to have:

  • Selecting Appropriate Boxes: Time to find the perfect boxes for your belongings! Get a bunch of sturdy boxes in different sizes to fit all your things. And hey, for the delicate or precious things, grab some special boxes made just for them. It’s like finding the right puzzle pieces for each item! 
  • Packing Tape and Scissors: Let’s not forget the basics! Make sure you’ve got plenty of packing tape to seal up those boxes and sharp scissors to cut through it easily. 
  • Protective Wrapping: Time to be gentle with the delicate things! Get some bubble wrap and tissue paper to wrap around your fragile items. It’s like giving them a cozy blanket for the move, keeping them safe and sound! 
  • Furniture Padding: Make  sure your furniture items are safe too! Get some blankets or furniture pads to wrap around them. It’s like giving them a extra layer, protecting them from any bumps or scratches! 
  • Organisational Supplies: Let’s keep things neat and tidy! Grab some labels and markers so you can mark and sort your boxes. It’s like giving each box a name tag, and keeping things in order!

Bonus Tip: Make the most of what you already have! Use suitcases, bags, and bins you own to cut down on boxes and save on packing. It’s like being resourceful and smart about packing!

5. Pack room by room

Alright, let’s dive into this packing adventure, one room at a time! Here’s the game plan:

  • Starting with Less-Used Rooms: Kick things off by tackling the rooms you use the least—places like the attic or guest room. That way, your daily routine stays smooth sailing.
  • Grouping Your Stuff: Round up similar items and pack them together. It’s like organising a party for your belongings! Living room gang in one box, kitchen crew in another. Unpacking will be a breeze! 
  • Packing Know-How: Heavy stuff goes at the bottom, lighter stuff on top. It’s like building a sturdy tower with your belongings! And don’t forget to give fragile items a gentle, cozy hug with some bubble wrap. 
  • Essential Box: Prepare a magical box of essentials! Toss in your toothbrush, a fresh change of clothes, and anything else you’ll need as soon as you step into your new place. It’s like your moving survival kit!

Bonus Tip: Put your labeling game on! Make sure every box wears a label revealing its contents and where it belongs. Unpacking will be like a treasure hunt, and finding your stuff will be a breeze! 

6. Label boxes properly

Let’s talk about the ultimate packing hack: clear, top-notch labeling. Here’s how to master it:

  • Detailed Labeling: Spill the beans! List down what’s inside each box and which room it’s destined for. Feel free to add a few special notes like ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’. It’s like giving each box its own ID card! 
  • Use of Colors or Symbols: Ever thought of giving colors or symbols a spin? Assign a color or symbol to each room or a special meaning (like ‘fragile’). It’s like speaking a secret labeling language that makes unpacking a breeze! 
  • Visibility and Placement: Let those labels shine! Stick them where they can be easily seen and accessed. Unpacking will feel like a guided treasure hunt, finding what you need in no time! 

Bonus Tip: Let’s keep it simple and savvy! Create a master list or a spreadsheet noting what’s in each box. It’s like having a handy cheat sheet that guides you right to your stuff! 

7. Create an inventory list

Alright, let’s keep it all in check! Here’s a simple way to make sure nothing goes missing on the big move:

  • Itemise Belongings: Write down every single thing you’re packing. What is it, how much you’ve got, how’s it doing, and how much it’s worth—let’s get it all down on paper!
  • Assign Unique Numbers: Each box gets its own special number, and that matches up with the items on your list. It’s like each box has its own name, and they’re all ready to march! 
  • Utilise Technology: Ever thought about using your phone or a computer to keep track? It’s like having a little helper right in your pocket, making sure you know where everything is! 

Bonus Tip: Snap some photos of your important stuff and their serial numbers. It’s like having a photo album of your move, and it can really help out if you need to chat with the insurance providers. 

8. Notify utilities and services

Making sure your connections are intact is a big deal! Here’s a smooth way to let everyone know about your move:

  • Contacting Current Utility Providers: Drop a message to your current utility heroes—electricity, gas, water, internet, you name it! Let them know you’re moving, so they can switch things off at your old place. It’s like telling them, “Lights out at the old place!” 
  • Updating Service Providers: Time for a quick address and contact info update! Talk to your bank, insurance buddies, credit card pals, and all those services you love. Make sure they know where to find you now. It’s like sending out change-of-address cards to all your pals! 
  • Setting Up New Services: Get the ball rolling for your new home! Arrange to have all those utilities up and running once you step in. It’s like preparing a warm welcome for yourself at your new place

Bonus Tip: Write down who you’ve chatted with and when—it’s like keeping a cool diary of your moving adventure. Super handy if you need to refer back to those conversations! 

9. Change of address updates

Making sure everyone knows where you’re at is key! Here’s a simple way to let the world know about your move:

  • Notifying Postal Service: Shoot a message to the United States Postal Service (USPS) to give them the lowdown on your new address. That way, your mail will find its way straight to you! It’s like setting up a Post-it sign to guide your letters. 
  • Updating Government Records: Let the government folks know you’ve got a new address! Drop a line to the IRS, DMV, and Social Security Administration. It’s like giving Uncle Sam a little wave and saying, “Hey, I’ve moved!” 
  • Informing Relevant Institutions: Call up your bank buddies, insurance squad, healthcare heroes, and all those who keep you in the loop. Make sure they have your new address—it’s like sharing your new phone number with your besties! 

Bonus Tip: Before the big move, get some change-of-address cards or notifications ready. It’s like having your address update announcement prepped and ready to go! Just fill in the details and send them off like magic spells. 

10. Transfer medical records

Transferring your medical records is crucial to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services. Follow these steps to do it effectively:

  • Contacting Healthcare Providers: Shoot a message to your trusted healthcare providers about your move. Ask for copies of your medical records or arrange for them to be sent to your new healthcare team. 
  • Finding New Healthcare Providers: Check out the healthcare scene in your new neighborhood. Find healthcare providers that suit your style and share your medical history with them for a smooth transition. 
  • Transferring Prescriptions: If you’ve got prescriptions, ensure a seamless shift. Transfer them to a local pharmacy at your new place or ensure you have enough meds to cover you during the move. 

Bonus Tip: Keep a copy of your medical records close, like a snapshot of your health history. It’ll be your quick-reference guide for any health-related questions during the move. 

11. Update insurance policies

Updating your insurance policies is crucial to ensure you have adequate coverage in your new location. Take these steps to update your insurance policies:

  • Contacting Insurance Providers: Get in touch with your trusty insurance providers for your home, auto, and other policies. Let them in on your move, update your address, and tweak coverage details. 
  • Reviewing Homeowner’s Insurance: Give your homeowner’s insurance policy a good once-over. Check if your coverage matches up with your new digs. If needed, think about amping up the protection. 
  • Adjusting Auto Insurance: Your auto insurance needs a little relocation love too! Update your policy with the new address and make sure your coverage fits your current situation. 

Bonus Tip: Hey, here’s a money-savvy move—think about bundling your insurance policies under one roof. It could trim down those premiums and make managing things a breeze! 

12. Arrange childcare or pet care

Arranging for the care of your children and pets during the move is essential to ensure their safety and well-being. Follow these steps:

  • Organising Childcare: If you have young kiddos, sort out their care game plan. Arrange for a babysitter or call in a trusted friend or family member to keep an eye on them during the hustle and bustle of moving day. 
  • Planning Pet Care: Don’t forget your fur babies! Sort out pet care too. Either get a pet sitter to pamper them or consider a pet hotel for a day of luxury. Make sure they’re equipped with all the necessities—food, water, a comfy bed, and any meds they need. 

Bonus Tip: Keep the little ones, whether human or furry, engaged and happy with their favourite toys and activities. It’s like a distraction party to make the move smoother! 

13. Measure new space

Measuring the rooms and available space in your new home is essential for efficient planning and furniture placement. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Measuring Room Dimensions: Grab that tape measure and become a room-dimension detective. Measure width, length, height, and the lay of the land in every room, including doorways and windows. 
  • Measuring Furniture Dimensions: Let’s avoid a ‘furniture-maze-mishap’. Measure your cherished furniture pieces to ensure they can elegantly slide through doors and hallways, harmonising with your new space. 
  • Creating a Floor Plan: Whip out the sketchpad! Rough out a floor plan of your new home. Experiment with furniture arrangements, finding that symphony of layout that whispers ‘welcome home’. 

Bonus Tip:  Use an online room planning tool to virtually shuffle and arrange your furniture. It’s like a game of arranging chess pieces, but your space gets the winning checkmate! 

14. Plan furniture placement

Planning the placement of your furniture is crucial to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space. Consider these steps:

  • Prioritising Larger Furniture: Let the heavyweights lead! Start by positioning larger furniture like sofas and beds, letting them dictate the rhythm of each room. 
  • Balancing the Layout:  Imagine your room as a canvas. Arrange furniture in a way that gives the room a balanced and inviting look. Let that positive energy flow! 
  • Optimising Traffic Flow: Picture smooth traffic flow in your room. Arrange furniture so that you can move around effortlessly and access all areas with ease. No traffic jams here! 

Bonus Tip: Take photos of your furniture in your old space. It’s a practical way to plan where each piece will fit best in your new home. A snapshot for a smooth move! 

15. Set up utilities in advance

Setting up utilities in your new home in advance is crucial for a smooth transition. Follow these steps to ensure essential services are ready upon your arrival:

  • Contacting Utility Providers: Drop a friendly hello to the utility folks—electricity, gas, water, internet—who’ll be powering up your new abode. Confirm dates and make sure they’ll be ready to roll when you are.
  • Scheduling Installations: Coordinate the tech ballet! Schedule installations with precision, so the lights come on, the water flows, and the internet says “welcome home” right on cue. 

Bonus Tip: Internet and TV are the life of the modern home. Get them set up a few days before the big move so you can dive back into your favourite shows and stay connected without a hiccup. 

16. Pack an essential overnight bag

Packing an essential overnight bag is essential for a comfortable transition into your new home. Here’s what to include:

  • Clothing:  Pop in a fresh set of clothes for the next day. You’ll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way, comfortably! 
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bit of soap—it’s the simple things that keep you feeling fresh and ready to conquer your moving day! 
  • Medications: Don’t forget the essentials! Pack any regular medications, so your health routines stay on track even during the move. 
  • Important Documents: Keep IDs, passports, lease agreements, and any other important paperwork in a safe spot. Easy access when needed! 
  • Phone Charger: In this digital age, a charged phone is your lifeline. Toss in a charger to stay connected and stress-free! 
  • Snacks and Water: Snacks and water are movers’ best friends. Keep the energy up with a few munchies and hydration to fuel your moving day! 

Bonus Tip: Prepare this bag a day before your move to have it readily accessible and well-stocked.

17. Confirm the moving date and time

Confirming the moving date and time is crucial to ensure a smooth relocation process. Follow these steps to confirm the details with your chosen movers:

  • Reaching Out to Movers: Drop a friendly reminder to your moving buddies a few days prior. Confirming the game plan keeps everyone on the same joyful moving tune! 
  • Double-Checking Details: Double, even triple-check the date, time, and any special requests you’ve hashed out with your trusty movers. A little reconfirmation never hurts! 

Bonus Tip: Pre-pack this bag a day before the move. Less rush, more ease! A smooth start to your new chapter! 

18. Prepare appliances for move

Preparing your appliances for the move ensures they are ready and safe for transportation. Take these steps to prepare your appliances:

  • Cleaning and Defrosting: Treat your appliances to a good scrub and defrost session at least a day before the move. A little cleanliness never hurt anyone! 
  • Disconnecting Appliances: Bid adieu to cords and cables as you unplug and carefully pack them. Tying up any loose ends ensures a tangle-free setup in your new home! 

Bonus Tip: Your appliances come with a treasure trove of information. Take a peek at their user manuals for personalised prep instructions! 

19. Dispose of hazardous items

Safely disposing of hazardous items is essential to ensure a safe and compliant move. Follow these guidelines:

  • Identifying Hazardous Items: Give a careful eye to items like paints, batteries, and cleaning products – those hazard heroes need special handling. Keep them separate and secure! 
  • Contacting Waste Management:  Reach out to your local waste experts to ensure your hazardous items find their way to the right farewell. Safety in disposal is safety in the move! 

Bonus Tip: Make sure those hazardous items have their own space during the move. A little segregation keeps everyone safe and sound. 

20. Arrange for cleaning services

Arranging for cleaning services helps ensure your old and new spaces are in optimal condition. Consider these options:

  • Hiring Professional Cleaners: Hire the experts in sparkle! Professional cleaners will work their magic in your old home, leaving it shiny and ready for its next story. 
  • Cleaning Your New Home: Get your new home the ‘just-moved-in’ treatment. A clean slate for a fresh start – it’s like a warm welcome for you! 
  • DIY Cleaning: Roll up your sleeves! If pro cleaning isn’t on the cards, embrace some DIY sparkle. Armed with cleaning supplies, turn it into a cleaning fiesta! 

Bonus Tip: Mark the calendar for a cleaning. Planning makes the cleaning magic happen just when you need it! 

21. Disconnect and reconnect electronics

Properly disconnecting and reconnecting your electronics is crucial to prevent damage and ensure they function correctly. Follow these steps for a smooth process:

  • Taking Photos:  Say cheese to avoid chaos later! Take snapshots of your electronics’ cable connections and setup. A picture-perfect guide to reconnecting with ease! 
  • Organising Cables: Become a cable maestro! Label or organise those cables like a champ. Untangle the electronic jungle hassle-free! 
  • Packing Electronics: Build cozy nests! Pack your electronic buddies snug in their original homes (boxes). A secure journey means a happy reunion! 
  • Reconnecting Electronics: begin the tech rebirth! Refer to your photo album and carefully follow the setup instructions. Let the resurrection ceremony commence! 

Bonus Tip: For the tech-savvy challenge, consider summoning a pro. A smooth tech ride with expert guidance! 

22. Safely transport important documents

Transporting important documents securely is essential during a move. Follow these steps to ensure the safety of your valuable paperwork:

  • Creating a Document Folder: Gather your paper squad! Create a special folder, their cozy nest for the journey ahead. All aboard! 
  • Carrying Personally: Be the guardian angel! Carry this precious folder personally or nestle it in your overnight bag. Safety by your side! 
  • Using a Safe Box: Level up the safety game! If you can, enlist a mini fortress—a safe box for your documents, the knight in shining armor! 

Bonus Tip: Documents’ digital twin! Make digital copies and let them soar into the cloud, a fortress of data protection! 

23. Confirm access to new property

Confirming access to your new property is crucial to ensure a smooth arrival and move-in process. Take these steps:

  • Coordinate with the Property Manager: Reach out to the property wizard—your property manager or landlord. Confirm the access details! 
  • Arrange for Key Transfer: Gather the golden keys! Ensure you have them ready to unlock your new abode. 

Bonus Tip: A friendly hello to the neighbors? A warm welcome into your new realm! 

24. Inspect old and new spaces

Thoroughly inspecting both your old and new spaces is essential to ensure everything is in order. Follow these steps:

  • Final Walk-through of Old Home: Take a final stroll through your old abode after packing and cleaning. Double-check no treasures are left and it’s as agreed upon. 
  • Inspecting the New Home: UAs you step into your new house, give each nook a good once-over. Ensure all your belongings have made the journey safely. 

Bonus Tip: Snap photos of any existing quirks or damages in your new place. A snapshot speaks a thousand words! 

25. Celebrate a successful move!

Celebrate the successful completion of your move and the beginning of a new chapter in your life! Consider these celebratory ideas:

  • Host a Housewarming Party: Gather your friends and family at your new digs for a housewarming bash! Let the good times roll and the laughter echo through the halls. 
  • Personal Pampering: Pamper yourself! Head to the spa, indulge in a favorite meal, or do whatever makes your heart sing. You’ve earned it! 
  • Explore Your New Neighborhood: Set out on a little expedition in your new neighborhood. Explore local gems, say hi to your new community, and uncover the secrets of your new stomping grounds. 

Bonus Tip: Capture these celebratory moments on camera! Photos or videos will be cherished memories of this significant milestone. 

Cheers to a New Beginning! 

With this extensive house moving checklist, you’re all set to navigate the twists and turns of your move. While moving can be a challenge, it’s also a chance for a fresh start and the beginning of something wonderful. Good luck with your move! May your new home be a place of joy, love, and countless beautiful memories in the making. 

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