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What is a backload?

interstate removalist“Backloading is a common phrase used by removalists to describe an inexpensive moving option. So what does it mean exactly? In order for a moving company to maximise their downtime and increase profit, backloading is available for a truck that is returning from a moving trip empty and can carry a load back to its starting point.”

This method is used by large retailers to minimize their transportation costs all over the world. At Six Brothers Removalist we use backloading as a price advantage for our valued customers moving interstate. This means that the prices quoted by Six Brothers Removalist can not be beaten.

Backloading allows us to be the most competitively priced interstate removalists whilst still retaining the same high quality service. Our specially designed vehicles and experienced professionals will make moving interstate stress free! With our fleet constantly expanding and our list of satisfied returning customers growing, we can provide regular backloads from our interstate hubs at a competitive rate. We are so confident in our rates that if you find a cheaper price we will beat it by 5%.


With businesses expanding exponentially across states, there is a growing need of interstate removalist service providers that provide quality service at competitive rates. Six Brothers Removalist offers moves to Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra with the same top quality service that is our hallmark. We use the same proven formula for long haul distance as we do on local jobs. Our Interstate Removal Services are respected all over Australia for their adherence to strict Quality Standards. Our professionally trained removalists are experts at long haul driving and know the distance roads like the back of their hands, so when they arrive on your doorstep they are on time and in good humour with your furniture and goods in perfect condition.



In long distance transportation it is necessary to take into account the movement of the packages inside vehicles. One wrong movement can destroy or damage the things being transported. To ensure that this does not happen at any of the Interstate Removal assignment at Six Brothers Removalist, our trained professionals follow a tested system of strapping down all items in the transportation vehicle, so that during transit they are properly secured and remain stationary as placed. The strapping material used by Six Brothers Removalist is of higher fail proof quality and can take the rigours of long distance road movements.



Six Brothers Removalist are known for their competitive prices and high quality service. In case of Interstate Removals where there are many other factors to be taken into account, we make it a point not to confuse you with complex calculations and options. For your peace of mind, we usually charge a fixed price for interstate moves. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the time spent on the way or time spent in inspection points, etc. Our interstate moving prices are very competitive and flexible; we can load up and unload on the same day or unload on the next day. Our family business has no less than 25 specially designed vehicles of all sizes and weight capacities under our command. This wide range of options allows us to minimize our business costs enabling us to pass on the savings to our valued customers. This is one of the reasons why our low prices cannot be beaten.


Interstate Removalists Provides You with the Best Service in Every Way

We at interstate removalists, are a family-run company, offering a personalised and homely service. Our family business treats all of our customers like they are part of the team, not just another job or number. Our expansion to become interstate removalists has meant that we can help even more people navigate their big day with ease as we aim to eliminate as much hassle and stress from such as a day as possible. Interstate removalists provide you with the same high-quality service as before, and we are more than equipped to deal with long-distance moves across several states. It will come of no surprise to learn that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can experience. Still, interstate removalists are here for you to ensure the whole day goes off without a hitch, and much of it is taken care of by us to allow you to enjoy the day and look forward to your destination.

At interstate removalists, we are professional and hardworking, and we are confident that you will have no regrets using us. We have a long and ever-growing list of previous and loyal customers who rate us full marks every time. At interstate removalists, we are not here to make a quick buck and move on, we provide a comprehensive, efficient, and thorough service whilst still being extremely affordable. Get the friendliest and most helpful moving service with interstate removalists, and find out more by reading on or giving us a call. Our family business of interstate removalists will always be here for you.


Guaranteed Outstanding Service from Interstate Removalists

At interstate removalists, we provide not just an efficient service but a quality service as well. Companies in this industry are increasingly in demand. Unfortunately, this can mean that sometimes, companies can cut corners or compromise on the quality of service they provide because they are overworked or overwhelmed. However, with interstate removalists, we have processes and standards in place to ensure that you never receive anything less than the high-quality service you pay for and deserve, and whilst we also ensure efficiency to make your move as stress-free as possible, we never compromise on our standards. Every one of our team is;

• Highly trained in furniture removals
• Professional and friendly
• Highly trained in handling fragile goods
• Knowledgeable of distance roads
• Experts in long haul driving
• Masters when it comes to packing
• Efficient at dismantling and rebuilding furniture
• We adhere to a high level of standards at all times

We have such high standards, and we are so particular with who we have on our team because we understand that we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without our valued customers. We put your satisfaction as our priority because we are passionate about our work and proud of what we can achieve as a family-run company. Therefore, when you use our services at interstate removalists, you can be assured that you will receive the best results. Our expansion has meant that we also offer our outstanding services in

• Melbourne
• Brisbane
• Canberra

You won’t find a better long-distance service than ours, and your furniture will always arrive at your new location completely undamaged and accounted for. No matter how far we are travelling with your belongings, they will always be safe with us.


How Safe Are My Belongings with Interstate Removalists?

interstate removalistOf course, when you are moving to a new home, a new office, or even need your belongings transported to a safe storage unit, the most important thing is that all of your items are kept safe from start to finish undamaged, and treated well. With interstate removalists, we do everything possible to ensure your belongings are 100% safe at all times. When handling your things, we always take great care when transporting furniture, and we always treat our customers’ goods as if they were our own. After all, we cannot provide a high standard of service if we let any harm come to your items.

We are so cautious because we understand that it only takes one wrong move to cause damage potentially, and the longer one of our drivers is on the road, the more time there is for something to go wrong. However, at interstate removalists, not only are all of our team expertly trained on how to carry correctly, package, and transport goods, our trucks are also fitted with industrial straps. This means that once all your furniture and belongings are in the back, they will all be held securely and tightly in place the whole time. This is the most effective way to keep everything safe at all times, no matter what happens. You won’t have to worry about the long journey or how much time your belongings are in the back of our lorries when they are extremely safe at every moment.

In addition to the processes and equipment we use, we also sell packing materials at low prices, by taking advantage of these, you can also have your things extra safe and protected at all times. The packing materials we sell at interstate removalists are the following;

• Heavy-duty boxes
• Packing paper
• Packing tape
• Tea chests
• Portarobe

All of the packing materials can be ordered on our website. The boxes are offered based on a hiring service. You must pay a small deposit for the boxes you need, but then the deposit will be refunded once the boxes are returned in good condition within four weeks. This service saves you money and the hassle of trying to find a way to dispose of your own or find storage for these boxes in your home.


Always Get Low Prices with Interstate Removalists

We understand that moving, whilst necessary, can be expensive, and this cost only adds to the stress and frustration of the whole moving process. With so many other expenses involved with moving, no matter how far or close you’re going, having moving costs on top can make it one of the most expensive days of your year for you. However, at interstate removalists, we want to keep the prices as low as possible, we don’t want you to break your bank, or stress about saving up for months to pay for it. As part of our comprehensive, outstanding service, we want to also give you the lowest prices and the highest quality results.

At interstate removalists, we are well known for our competitive prices, so if you’re looking for an affordable moving company, then you have found the right one. There are several things we do or have as a business that means we can always give you the lowest price available, these include;

• Having a large fleet of vehicles of different sizes, so you only pay for the space you need
• Our efficiency means we can load and unload on the same day, sometimes in just a few hours, so you don’t pay for days worth of work or storage
• We usually charge a fixed price for interstate removals, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra fees or charges if the drivers having to deal with heavy traffic or inspection points
• We use backloading as a way to keep costs down even further

The extensive range of vehicles can accommodate the following size of moves. Again, it’s our versatile fleet that means interstate removalists can always give you the best prices.

• Speedy van move
• Studio apartment
• 1 bedroom house/unit
• 2 bedroom house/unit
• 2-3 bedroom house/unit
• 3-4 bedroom house/unit
• 4-5 bedroom house/unit
• Office moves of any size


The Top Benefits of Interstate Removalists

To give you the best services and the most benefits available, at interstate removalists we have a whole heap of procedures, processes, extras, and standards that we adhere to at all times, by using interstate removalists, you can benefit from the following.

• Always get the lowest prices
• Expertly trained removalists
• Super safe and secure packing of your belongings in our vans
• Storage units available if you need them
• Extra packing materials available on request for low prices
• Fully licensed and insured service
• Dismantling and reassembly of furniture possible
• Organisation of disconnecting and reconnecting utilities
• Extra services such as carpet cleaning
• Swift, efficient, and extremely friendly staff
• Free no-obligation quote
• Interstate removals covering a wide range of areas
• Office moves
• Loyalty programme with great benefits

At interstate removalists, we do provide you with everything you could need for your big move. We offer the best prices, a speedy but high-quality service. Our team is expertly trained to ensure your goods are always safe. And we even provide cheap extra packing materials for you. We take care in our work, and pride in what we do. If you have any questions, any doubts, or are interested in getting your own free no comprehensive obligation quote to see exactly what we can do for you, then call interstate removalists today.


CONTACT US now on 1300 764 372 to let Six Brothers Interstate Removalists take the worry out of moving interstate and provide you with long haul expert care.


“Would like to thank the guys at the office but especially the men in the truck. They did not let us lift a finger. Exactly what we wanted.”

Sasha Bell – Top Ryde – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work


“This is the third time Six Brothers Removalist has moved us in two years. We are always very happy with the removal crew, hence our loyalty to you. Keep up the good work! Many thanks.”

Cremorne – 1 Bedroom Removalist Work


“Please thank Johnny for a great job. He deserves high praise. Will definitely use and recommend Six Brothers.”

Prem Singh – The Ponds – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work


“Thank you Bojana for arranging such a smooth move. Have spoken highly to friends and family.”

Five Dock – 1 Bedroom Removalist Work


“I have moved from Sydney to Melbourne once and dreaded the move back because of the first experience with another removalist company. Six Brothers assured me of a seamless move which I was skeptical about but must admit it was a great experience as a customer. Big thank you to Romeo!”

Owen Zhang – Carlton – 1 Bedroom Interstate Removalist Work


“Romeo and Ronnie were awesome. Friendly and quick. They made it look easy. Really appreciate the professionalism.”

Andy Ayoub – Condell Park – 3 Bedroom Removalist Work


“The only removalist company that was willing to move us to QLD on the same day. Really helped us get to where we wanted with a very reasonable price. Randy we thank you :-)”

Joanna Mitrevski – Belmore – 3 Bedroom Interstate Removalist Work


“We were in capable hands for the team we had for our 4 bedroom house move. They were very friendly, professional and exceeded our expectations on price. Thank you six brothers.”

Sophie Hunter – 4 Bedroom Removalist Work


“I was very pleased with the prompt and professional service provided by this company. From the moment I picked up the phone to inquire about the service, I was treated with so much respect and courtesy. The staff members who came in to help me with lifting my furniture worked very efficiently. Above all, the manager was very attentive as he took the time to ring me and check with me before and after the service, to make sure that the job was done properly. I highly recommend the Six Brothers Removalists. You won’t be disappointed.”

Melina Kristyono – Removalist Work


“I had a great experience with these guys. They were super pleasant and made me feel really comfortable which was a real big deal to me. All of my items were moved safely and I had no negative issues whatsoever. They were on time, worked at a great pace, ask clarifying questions when needed. Great value for money. Highly recommended this company!”

Elizabeth Emily – Removalist Work


“Just finished an epic move after 21 years in the one place, large 4 bedroom house to move, with some really large difficult items, lots of steps at both ends, 2 trucks 4 men, 10 hours non stop grind. No grumbling, smiles on faces, I was just was so impressed. This is a tough job but these guys rock. Once again I cannot thank you guys enough.”

Ashley Kingston – 4 Bedroom Removalist Work


“Thank you guys, great service. Very heavy and precious piece moved with care. Great job. Highly recommend.”

Alison Sweeney – Removalist Work


“This is 2nd time I’ve used Six Brothers Removalist for my move. Six Brothers Removalist did an awesome job for my move and I’m not left disappointed. They were on time and took special care moving my furniture and belongings. Big Thank you to Frankie and Johnny. You guys did an awesome job and it’s very much appreciated. Highly recommend Six Brothers Removalist!! For their great service and affordable prices!”

Charina Wunderlich – Removalist Work


“Great experience with the guys. The guys were very good in their job. Took very good care of our stuff and. Very good communication skills. Would definitely use them again.”

Younan Goro – Removalist Work


“The guys did an excellent job. They handled my items with extreme care and were very efficient. They were on time. They were very friendly and approachable. Great price. Highly recommended. Will definitely use them again in future. Very very happy. Thank you :-)”

Stephen Munoz – Removalist Work


“We had Frankie and Johnny move us from a 2 bedroom house to an apartment that had particularly troublesome stairs. They went above and beyond to get everything in, and were extremely efficient, patient and friendly. Wouldn’t hesitate to book again, they were great!”

Alex Cousley – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work


“We were really impressed with these guys. They arrived right on time, and did the whole job really efficiently. Our sofa arrived in mint condition. They were easy and pleasant to deal with from the time of booking until the completion of the job.”

Hayley Gray – Removalist Work


“I highly recommend using Six Brothers Removalist, especially the services of Frankie & Johnny! They called me prior to arriving and came exactly the time they mentioned. Very professional conducting the move effectively and efficiently without any drama. Good work! “

Joe Young – Removalist Work




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