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The growth of a company and the increase in its staff is always good news because it means that the business is prosperous. Sometimes this can mean having to move the company to a new office with more space, a decision that cannot be taken lightly. It is important to analyse the feasibility and benefits of carrying out this change and to think about where it would be convenient to rent the office.

You have to consider what would be the best location since not all areas for renting offices are equally well connected or have facilities for employees such as restaurants, transportation and other utility services. Once the decision is made, there will a lot to consider. It makes the more sense to have a checklist and take steps according to the list and then hire reliable office removalist to get the job done easily 

  1. Make the move on weekends or holidays: so as not to paralyse the work and not to bother the employees, it is advisable to carry out the change on weekends or free days, when there is no one in the office.
  2. Relocate first the most important departments: the move can be made in several stages, but always having clear priorities. It would be good to move the different departments in order of importance.
  3. Create a communication plan: another suggestion is to communicate, both internally and externally, the transfer of the company. Customers, suppliers and other people related to the business must know about the change and have to know the new location of the office. Likewise, the employees themselves must know the details of the move, both the dates and the procedure of the same and even how they can access by transport to the new office.
  4. Make a list of what you are moving : It would be more sensible to move only the needed furniture, equipment and documents to the new office. Old furniture, useless equipment, duplicate documents: getting rid of those will lighten your inventory of goods and result in a reduction in the cost of your move.
  5. Finding a reliable removalist service : Finding a removalist service 3 months prior is very important in terms of planning. Get quotes from several different services and hire one that has the best reputation in the removalist business. Price shouldn’t be the deciding factor as it is your office valuables at stakes.

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