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Safely Relocating Your Art Collection in Sydney

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For art enthusiasts and collectors, moving valuable artwork can be a major concern during relocation. Delicate and valuable pieces require special care and attention to ensure they arrive at your new home in pristine condition. Whether you’re moving within Sydney or to a new city, there are essential steps you can take to protect your artwork and facilitate a safe and efficient moving process.

In this blog post, we share crucial tips and guidelines for safely relocating your valuable and delicate artwork. From proper packing techniques to selecting the right removalist, our comprehensive guide will help you approach your upcoming Sydney move with confidence, knowing your art collection is well-protected.

Preparing Your Artwork for the Move

1. Create an Inventory of Your Art Collection

Start by creating a detailed inventory of your art collection, complete with photographs and documentation of each piece’s condition. This record serves as a reference tool during the packing and moving process, helping you track your artwork and identify any potential damage or loss.

2. Consult with Art Professionals for Guidance

Seek professional guidance when handling valuable or delicate artwork. Consult with art experts, curators, or art handlers to gain insights on specific requirements regarding packing, transporting, and storing your artwork.

Packing Your Artwork Safely and Securely

1. Use High-Quality, Protective Packing Materials

Invest in high-quality, protective packing materials to safeguard your artwork during the moving process. These materials may include acid-free tissue paper, glassine paper, bubble wrap, rigid foam board, and sturdy packaging boxes designed specifically for artwork.

2. Follow Proper Art Packing Techniques

Adhere to proper packing techniques when preparing your artwork for transport. For framed art, wrap the entire piece in glassine paper to prevent any moisture damage, and then add additional protection with bubble wrap. Secure the wrapped artwork in a custom-fit box, providing ample cushioning for added safety. For sculptures or irregularly shaped items, consider using custom-built crates to ensure a secure fit and provide additional protection during transit.

Transporting Your Artwork with Care

1. Choose a Climate-Controlled Environment for Storage and Transportation

Sensitive artwork, such as oil paintings, may require a climate-controlled environment during transportation and storage to prevent damage caused by temperature fluctuations and humidity. Opt for a storage solution or transportation service that offers climate-controlled facilities to ensure the well-being of your delicate pieces.

2. Assess Insurance and Liability Coverage

Ensure that your valuable artwork is adequately insured and covered for liability during the moving process. Verify your current insurance policy’s coverage and consider supplementing it with additional coverage if necessary. Additionally, inquire about your removalist company’s insurance policies and liability protection options to warrant comprehensive protection for your art collection.

Selecting the Right Removalist Company for Your Art Collection

1. Look for Experienced and Reputable Art Handlers

Choose a reputable removalist company with experience in handling valuable artwork. Research company reviews, ask for references, and verify the company’s expertise in managing delicate and valuable artwork relocation. This will provide peace of mind that your art collection is in reliable hands.

2. Communicate Your Artwork’s Specific Requirements

Open and clear communication with your removalist company is essential when relocating valuable artwork. Ensure that your removalist team understands the specific requirements and potential risks associated with your art pieces. This will help them develop and implement the most appropriate strategies for the safe transportation of your prized collection.

Unpacking and Displaying Your Artwork at Your New Home

1. Inspect Your Artwork Upon Arrival

Upon arriving at your new home, promptly unpack and inspect your art pieces to ensure their condition has not been compromised during the move. Compare their current state with the documentation and photographs you took during the inventory process to identify any discrepancies.

2. Properly Install and Display Your Art Collection

Take the time to properly install and display your art collection in your new home, ensuring the pieces are well-protected and showcased. Consider factors such as lighting, humidity, and room layout to create an optimal display environment for your artwork.

Creative Solutions for Space Constraints in Your New Home

1. Utilise Alternative Display Techniques

If space constraints in your new Sydney home hinder the display of your entire collection, consider alternative display techniques like rotating pieces regularly or using multi-purpose solutions like art storage shelves or easels.

2. Safely Store Artworks That Cannot Be Displayed

For artwork that cannot be displayed, ensure their proper storage in a controlled environment, ideally a dedicated art storage facility. Utilise protective covers, suitable padding, and moisture-proof materials to preserve your artwork in optimal condition until it can be displayed again.

Keeping Your Art Collection Protected in Your New Home

1. Regularly Monitor the Artwork Environment

Monitor the environment in which your artwork is displayed or stored, checking for factors such as humidity, temperature, and exposure to sunlight. Adjust settings or implement protective measures as needed to maintain a stable environment for your art.

2. Schedule Routine Cleanings and Assessments of Your Art Collection

Schedule regular cleanings and assessments of your art collection to ensure its longevity. This may involve professional cleaning, frame maintenance, or protective varnish application, depending on the nature of your artwork. Regular assessments can help uncover any potential issues before they become detrimental to your collection.


Safely moving your delicate and valuable artwork in Sydney requires careful planning, attention to detail, and the assistance of experienced professionals. By following the essential tips discussed in this guide, you can ensure your treasured art collection is well-protected and transported to your new home securely and efficiently.

Partner with Six Brothers Removalists for your Sydney artwork relocation, and trust our experienced team and tailored removal services to support you through every stage of the moving process. We prioritise the care and protection of delicate and valuable items, ensuring your artwork arrives at your new home flawlessly.

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