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Sydney Removalist Costs: A Full Breakdown [Check Our Weekly Offers]

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A complete guide on the cost of removalist

When getting ready for a move, the first thing on your mind is often how much it’ll cost to hire a removalist. With 17+ years of experience helping Sydney residents and completing over 16,000 moves, the experts at Six Brothers Removalists Sydney are here to explain these costs in a straightforward way.

To see specific details and prices for the mentioned inclusions, simply click on the respective images below each section.

Our aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of our moving costs. Stick around until the end, where we’ll share our special discounted price to help you move without breaking the bank. (trust us, you do not want to miss this)

The standard pricing for a removalist in Sydney is $45 for a half-hour slot, plus GST, amounting to $90 per hour. This package, known as the speedy van move, includes one experienced removalist and a one-tonne van. It’s ideal for individuals with minimal belongings.

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    Studio Apartment 

    To move a studio apartment, our pricing is approximately $130 per hour. This package includes 2 removalists and a 3.5-tonne truck, suitable for a volume of 12-15 cubic meters.

    On average, moving a studio apartment in Sydney over a estimated time ranging from 2 to 4 hours will typically cost between $260 to $520.

    1 Bedroom Home 

    To move a 1-bedroom home, the cost is $65 per half hour, making it $130 per hour. What sets this package apart from moving a studio apartment is the 4.5-tonne truck, capable of holding 18-21 cubic meters.

    This larger capacity ensures a smooth move for a slightly bigger living space.

    The estimated time taken to move a 1-bedroom home typically ranges between 2 to 4 hours. 

    Estimated Total Costs for Various Hours (2 to 4 hours):

    • For 2 hours: $130 × 2 = $260
    • For 3 hours: $130 × 3 = $390
    • For 4 hours: $130 × 4 = $520

    This means that moving a 1-bedroom home costs in the range from $260-520$ (same as moving a studio apartment) 

    2-3 Bedroom Home/Unit

    When you’re planning to move from your cozy 2-3 bedroom home in Sydney, you’ll want to keep in mind the cost involved. It’s about $75 for every half-hour of moving, totaling $150 per hour. Having these figures handy helps you plan your budget for the move.

    Usually, for a 2 bedroom house move, you’ll have a team of 2 removalists and a truck weighing 6-8 tonnes. This truck can hold quite a bit—around 28-32 cubic meters—which is just what you need for the belongings of a 2-3 bedroom home.

    Now, if you’re making the leap to a 3-bedroom home, you’ll need a bit more muscle. That means a larger truck with a capacity of 40-43 cubic meters and a heavier 10-12 tonne truck to carry all your precious belongings. It’s all about matching the right resources to the size of your home for a smooth move.

    To calculate the hourly rate for your move, it’s simple math—just divide the total cost for moving a 2-3 bedroom home by the estimated number of hours the move will take. Knowing these details helps you plan your moving day effectively!

    Now, let’s talk about time. Moving a 2-3 bedroom house can take a bit of time; we’re looking at anywhere from 4 to 8 hours on average. Of course, it can vary based on how much stuff you’ve got, how far you’re moving, and how smoothly everything goes. Best to chat with the moving company to get a more accurate estimate based on your unique situation and needs.

    To calculate the total cost for moving a 2-3 bedroom home for a given range of hours (4 to 8 hours), we’ll multiply the hourly rate by the respective number of hours:

    • For 4 hours: $150 per hour × 4 hours = $600
    • For 5 hours: $150 per hour × 5 hours = $750
    • For 6 hours: $150 per hour × 6 hours = $900
    • For 7 hours: $150 per hour × 7 hours = $1050
    • For 8 hours: $150 per hour × 8 hours = $1200

    So, the cost for this move? It’s about $150 per hour, or around $600 to $1200 for a move lasting 4 to 8 hours. Keep these numbers in mind as you plan your big move!

    4-5 Bedroom Home /Unit

    Moving a 3-4 bedroom home/unit or a 4-5 bedroom home/unit in Sydney typically costs around $90 for every half-hour of service. This translates to $180 per hour. It’s essential to have an idea of these costs as you plan your move.

    When it comes to a 4-5 bedroom home/unit move, you’ll usually have a team of 2 removalists, a 14-16 tonne truck with a 60-65 cubic meter volume, or a 12-14 tonne truck with a 50-55 cubic meter volume approximately for just 4 bedroom. These truck capacities ensure efficient transportation of the belongings for a home of this size.

    On average, moving a 4-5 bedroom home/unit typically takes between 6 to 10 hours. However, the exact duration can vary based on various factors such as the amount of belongings, the distance of the move, accessibility of the properties, and the efficiency of the moving team.

    To calculate the total cost per hour, let’s divide the overall cost for moving a 4-5 bedroom home/unit by the estimated number of hours it takes to complete the move: 

    • For 6 hours: $180 per hour × 6 hours = $1,080
    • For 7 hours: $180 per hour × 7 hours = $1,260
    • For 8 hours: $180 per hour × 8 hours = $1,440
    • For 9 hours: $180 per hour × 9 hours = $1,620
    • For 10 hours: $180 per hour × 10 hours = $1,800

    So, for both a 4-bedroom and a 5-bedroom home/unit move, the estimated costs range from $1,080 to $1,800 for durations of 6 to 10 hours, considering the rate of $180 per hour.

    In summary, the cost of moving homes in Sydney starts from $520 dollars and can go as high as $1800 or more, depending on the size, volume and various other factors. 

    Estimated Average Cost Of Moving  

    Service PackageHourly RateEstimated HoursAverage Cost (Low-High)RemovalistsTruck
    Speedy Van Move$9001-Feb$90 – $18011-tonne van
    Studio Studio Apartment$13002-Apr$260 – $52023.5-tonne truck
    1 Bedroom Home$13002-Apr$260 – $52024.5-tonne truck
    2 Bedroom Home$15004-Jun$600 – $90026-8 tonne truck
    3 Bedroom Home$15006-Aug$900 – $1,200210-12 tonne truck
    4 Bedroom Home$18006-Oct$1,080 – $1,800212-14 tonne truck
    5 Bedroom Home$18006-Oct$1,080 – $1,800214-16 tonne truck

    Making Your Move Faster: Adding a 3rd Removalist for Speed 

    In the outlined packages if you may have noticed, they all start with a team of 2 removalists, and the main differences are in the size of the truck and the space it offers. Now, here’s something important: if you want to speed up the move, you can choose to have a larger team, like 3 removalists, by paying an extra $25 for every half-hour.

    For instance, let’s see the cost for moving a 1-bedroom home using the regular rate of $65 for each half-hour with 2 removalists, and then we’ll look at the cost if you add a 3rd removalist:

    Regular 1-Bedroom Home Move with 2 Removalists:

    • Cost for 30 minutes (1/2 hour): $65
    • Cost for 1 hour: $130

    Upgraded 1-Bedroom Home Move with 3 Removalists:

    • Extra cost for the 3rd removalist: $25 for every 30 minutes
    • Total cost for 30 minutes: $65 (2 removalists) + $25 (for the 3rd removalist) = $90
    • Total cost for 1 hour: $180 (with 3 removalists)

    Opting for 3 removalists at an extra $25 per half-hour can speed up and streamline your move, which is particularly beneficial if you’re on a tight schedule. It’s an excellent choice for a smoother and quicker moving process.

    Exclusive Weekday Deal: Save Up to 25% with Six Brothers Removalist (Monday to Thursday)

    We’ve curated some fantastic money-saving move opportunities for anyone relocating to Sydney. The golden opportunity to move and save is on weekdays. Yes, and guess what? All those costs we mentioned earlier? 

    Well, Six Brothers Removalist Sydney team will slash them for weekday moves from Monday to Thursday only. 

    You can enjoy a whopping 15-25% OFF on weekday moves. Here are the updated rates:

    • Studio Apartment and 1-bedroom home: $55.25 per half hour (Hourly rate: $110.50)
    • 2-3 Bedroom Home: $60 per half hour (Hourly rate: $120)
    • 4-5 Bedroom Home: $67.50 (Hourly rate: $135)

    In a nutshell, The average moving cost during weekdays in vibrant Sydney ranges from approximately $110.50 to a fantastic $135 per hour. Depending on the size of your home, you’ve got these incredible rates to make your weekday move an absolute breeze!

    Estimated Moving Costs: Discounted Price Table Overview

    Service PackageHourly RateEstimated HoursAverage Stadard Cost (Low-High)Average Discounted Cost (Low-High)RemovalistsTruck
    Studio Apartment$110.5x2-4$260 – $520$110.50 – $221.0023.5-tonne truck
    1 Bedroom Home$110.52-4$260 – $520$110.50 – $221.0024.5-tonne truck
    2 Bedroom Home$1204-6$600 – $900$480.00 – $720.0026-8 tonne truck
    3 Bedroom Home$1206-8$900 – $1,200$720.00 – $960.00210-12 tonne truck
    4 Bedroom Home$1356-10$1,080 – $1,800$810.00 – $1,350.00212-14 tonne truck
    5 Bedroom Home$1356-10$1,080 – $1,800$810.00 – $1,350.00214-16 tonne truck
    Weekday Moving offer upto 15-25%

    Final Say

    In summary, house removals costs in Sydney range from approximately $520 to $1800, depending on  factors such as size and the duration. Adding a third removalist can speed up the process for an additional fee. Opting for Six Brothers cheap weekday moves (Monday to Thursday) offers substantial savings, reducing the hourly rates by 15-25%. Plan wisely to make your move cost-effective and efficient.

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