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Easy Tips to Pack up your Fragile Items and Keep them Safe

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1. Plan in advance. Packing up the valuable crystal, porcelain, and other fragile needs some time. This is not the point to rush. If you are not hiring Packers and Movers, start well before the moving day and take the time to accurately pack these items and determine if they’ll go in the moving truck or by car.

2. Possess the right tools. Here’s what you’ll need: High quality moving cartons in different sizes; packing paper, bubble wraps, pliable cardboard, scissors, and tape. A large table to organize your things and pack on is also a crucial tool. For more substantial items, you might want an extra pair of hands.

3. Label everything! Having the crates with your fragile items clearly labeled as “fragile” will help your movers manage them more accurately, as well as help when unwrapping and organizing at your new home.

4. Know what items you will be carrying and how to prepare them properly. A TV and your china are both delicate items, but entirely different when it comes to packing. Do your analysis on the best way to wrap and pack each item, and prepare so you’re not caught short of bubble wrap on moving day.

Finally, be sure to let your Packers and Movers know which crates hold the fragile items. Most packers and movers provide specialized boxes for delicate items, such as dish packs and mirror/picture frame packs.

If you are at all uncertain about your packing skill, ask for help. Contact your neighborhood packers and movers today to request an quote.

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