Removalist Tips

● Try to secure the closest parking available for the truck the night before you move. By placing your rubbish bins, or contacting the neighbours, will save you a lot of money!!

● Make a note or a list of the content of each box, so when you unpack you know what each box contains.

● Try not to overload your boxes, and when you pack them put the heavy items at the bottom(e.g books), and lighter items on top.

● Make sure you arrange for disconnection and reconnection of utilities (e.g. internet, gas, electricity..).

● Have plenty of supplies (e.g. boxes, sticky tape, markers..), you will always need more than you think!!

● If you’re not using our cleaning service, put together a basic cleaning kit and leave your basic tools(e.g. spanners, drills..) handy at least till the loading part is finished.

● Safeguard valuable items (e.g.jewellery,..) and try to put it in your car. Don’t forget to write FRAGILE on the boxes that contain (glassware…).

● Label all boxes clearly. Make sure that all boxes are labelled clearly with their contents. You can take it a step further by using colour coding to organise where boxes will go in your new home.

For the record – Obtain copies of your and your family’s medical records, including any dental and vaccine/immunization information, as well as any veterinary records for the family pet.

Buried treasure – If you’ve hidden any valuables around the house, be sure to collect them before leaving. You should carry valuable items such as jewellery with you or keep them in a safe deposit box instead of packing them on the moving Truck

Taken to the cleaners – Remember to collect all items that are being cleaned, stored or repaired (for example, dry cleaning, shoes, watches, etc.). Also, remember to return library books, movie rentals and anything else you may have checked out.

What’s your new address? – Keep your new address handy in your wallet or purse. In the flurry of preparing for a move, you may forget your new address — important information when forwarding periodicals, mail and credit card bills, as well as keeping in touch with old friends.

Keys to success – Remember the collection of spare house keys. Whether it means retrieving keys from neighbours or from under the rock next to the front door, don’t forget to gather all sets before you depart.


What our client Says

" Would like to thank the guys at the office but especially the men in the truck. They did not let us lift a finger. Exactly what we wanted "
Sasha Bell – Top Ryde – 2 Bedroom Removalist Work