How to move heavy Furniture

How to move heavy Furniture

Moving houses is a difficult process especially

Surely it has happened to you on more than one occasion you have wanted to move a very heavy piece of furniture and you have not been able or you have finished scratching the floor by pushing it. If you want to avoid having to make unnecessary efforts and be able to move the furniture without damaging the floor here are some practical tricks to get it quickly and safely.

A move starts with measuring everything that can be measured. Think about:

  • The stairs. Can stuff for the upstairs (desks, etc.) easily go up?
  • Cabinets. Sometimes cupboards fit well in your old house, but they fit less well in your new house because the shape of the rooms is different. Always measure this first.
  • White goods. Do washing machines, clothes driers, refrigerators and freezers fit their new location?

Before you move, you can already do a lot of preparatory work.

  • Cleaning. You can start cleaning everything that needs to be done a few weeks before the move.
  • Disassembly. Disassemble all the things you do not need immediately, such as desks, the spare bed and cupboards from which you have already packed the things.

Move furniture easily without damaging the floor

One of the simplest tricks is to use a “magic carpet”. No, it’s not that it’s flying, but it will do wonders when it comes to moving furniture. Enter one or several mats, blankets or fabrics under the legs of the furniture. Once you have placed the structure on top of it, you can slide the piece of furniture along the floor while dragging the fabric and avoiding leaving marks on the floor.

First of all, it is very important and useful to empty the furniture before moving it. This prevents the objects inside from moving and breaking while making the furniture lighter which makes it easier to carry.

There will be tall furniture that is quite tall and awkward to handle. It should be handled by at least 2 people. The furniture must be tipped backwards at an angle. One person should be supporting from the bottom while the other supports from the top. This way, the weight will be balanced. It will be also easier to carry them through the stairs this way since they will align with the stairs’ steep angle.

Large chairs are very difficult to move as well. They should be lifted in and turn sideway making an L shape.


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