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A move requires the transport of all your belongings, as varied as they are. To ensure their safety it is important to choose the appropriate packaging according to the object to be transported. We have some tips for you and if you follow them you can certainly make your move smoother.


  • Packing tape – for cardboards
  • Coloured paper – for labelling
  • Bubble wrap – wrapping fragile items
  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife

You will need to gather boxes first. This can be done in a few ways; visiting your local storage shop or just asking shops for their empty boxes, they will usually give it away for free. However, for proper removalist boxes, you still need to visit a storage store. They have quality packing boxes in Bunnings.

Decluttering is one of the opportunities that come with moving houses. As you are packing, get rid of the items that you no longer use. This can be done via selling, donating or throwing away.

Colour coding the boxes makes it easier to identify which room they are going to. Labelling boxes are also important – label each box with which room it belongs to along with its content.

Ask the removalists to put the boxes in their destined rooms in your new place so that you don’t spend time looking for correct one.

We advise you to solidify your cartons with tape by forming a cross in the bottom, whatever the objects to be transported and especially for the heavier ones.

Fragile items should be packed carefully using bubble wrap. These items should be packed very firmly so that there are empty spaces between them. Old newspaper can be used to fill the spaces.

Do not pack your valuables in boxes that will go with the removalists. Your passport, money, jewellery and other valuable items must be in your personal bag at all times.

Do not over pack the boxes, think about moving them too. Besides, some boxes can give away under heavy loads resulting in unnecessary damage.

Socks can be used to wrap around glasses to protect from shocks.

Valuable artwork can be wrapped with blankets or quilts.

Clothes do not really need special packaging. They can be carried in boxes, suitcases or even garbage bags.

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