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Removals- Why Hire Six Brothers removals?

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Finding the best removals is the first step if you want to relocate your home or business belongings. During moving, the first step is to come up with a moving checklist. This will help you to make your movement smooth and easy. However, before you even think of other things, you must contact removals and get a quote or estimate detailing the total costs involved. The estimate can either be provided over the phone, or the removals can visit your premises and give an assessment based on what they see. Either way, the removals will explain to you the entire moving process.

Moving Tips

Before you decide to move, there are some things you need to consider as follows:

Before Moving

If you are relocating locally, internationally or interstate, the process involved is quite long and tedious. Even if you decide to DIY, you will not make it. It requires professional help from removals. When it time to move, most people get confused about what they should consider for a successful move. There are no chances of forgetting anything when planning a move. It is, therefore, essential to get removals who will personally visit your home.

These professionals will give you a guideline of what you need to do and what is required. The removals will identify and explain how the packaging and transportation will be handled depending on your belongings. Some of the things that they’ll discuss with you include the transit options, packaging, storage, house cleaning, pet transport, finding amenities, among other services.

Packing Removals Services

Although you might be tempted to pack your belongings on your own, it is discouraged. You may end up causing more harm to your belongings, especially if you pack them wrongly. A professional removalist is experienced in packaging belongings. Again, should any damage occur, the removals are equipped with transit insurance covering any damage during the handling and moving process. Removalists usually have a team leader who’ll manage and monitor how the packaging is done. The team leader also notes what is contained in every box for easy and safe loading in the transport vehicles. Some of the activities that should be undertaken include:

  • Proper packaging of fragile items through some innovative techniques like wrapping using corrugated cardboard and craft papers.
  • Items such as CDs, DVDs, and books should be considered packaged in small cartons.
  • Use heavy-duty plastic to cover mattresses
  • Rugs should be appropriately wrapped
  • Use special crates that ensure maximum safety for high value and expensive items.
  • Televisions should be handles with care
  • Use customised hanging cartons to package your suits
  • All packaged boxes and items should be labelled for easy loading and offloading.

Transit Options

The removalists’ objective is to ensure smooth, safe, and convenient movement of goods from one destination to another. The transit options offered by removals include the following:

  • Containerised transport by either road, sea, or rail.
  • Special customised vans
  • Airfreight

Storage Of Your Belongings

In some cases, you require storing your belongings before moving. Whether you want belongings stored shortly or for a considerably more extended period, you do not have to worry since removalists have storage facilities that are safe and secure.

At Six Brothers Removals, we offer a wide range of moving services which are as follows:

Local relocation

If you are looking for a local removalist, then Six Brother Removals is the best solution. We have experts who know how to package, load and unload your belongings without causing damages. They also understand the best routes to follow up to your destination without spending too much time.

Office relocation

At Six Brothers Removals, we are the best office removalist services in entire Sydney. If your office space does not suit your business needs, you will need a bigger one. We will help you move to your new office with ease and quickly so that your business continues its operations as soon as possible.

Interstate relocation

If you are shifting to a new state or city, it is essential to look for professional removals’ services. At Six brothers removals, we have an adequately trained staff who will handle your belongings with care during packaging, movement, and unloading. We are the best interstate removalist due to our reliable services.


Sometimes, you might want to move your belongings from one destination to another, but face the challenge of budget constraints. In this case, you can consider backloading which will save both your time and money. At Six Brothers Removals, we are the best backloading removalists. We will ensure that your belongings are safely taken to your preferred destination, depending on your budget.

Furniture removal

You might want to replace or move your current furniture from one place to another. Furniture removals is a tedious task that should be left to a professional removal company. Moving furniture downstairs is not something that you will do alone. At Six Brothers Removals, we are the best furniture removalists in Sydney.


At Six Brothers Removals Sydney, we have long term and short term storage spaces that can accommodate your belongings, whether you are considering a long or short distance move. Our storage facilities have electricity, CCTV surveillance for security, and enough storage spaces. We are also the best accurate office removalists across Sydney.

Why Hire Us?

Moving can sometimes be stressful and frustrating, mostly if proper preparation is not done. However, with the help of a professional removalist, the process becomes easy. Below are some top reasons why you should hire us:

Affordable moving packages

Some people tend to think that hiring a removal company is an expensive affair. However, the truth is that it is not costly. First, everything will be done correctly without being involved. Secondly, should damage to your belongings occur during moving, you will be repaid. Therefore, you will rest assured that everything is under control. We also come with the necessary tools and equipment, meaning that you will not incur expenses looking for packaging boxes. If you decide to move yourself, you will have to look for these tools and thus be a hassle.

Trained and experienced staff

At Six Brothers Removals, we have a large team trained and experienced in handling various moving processes. This means that we can handle very many moves at the same time. You do not have to worry about delays and inconveniences. Whether you need a local, interstate, or international relocation, we are always ready.

24/7 customer service

We offer all-round clock moving services. Sometimes, you might require emergency moving services late in the night. In this case, you do not have to worry since we are available 24/7. We have a team that is always on standby even during the night to cater to emergency moving needs. We have a customer care representative who answers calls, messages and provides solutions to all clients.


At Six Brothers Removals, we are licensed to operate in the moving industry. This means that we bonded by-laws governing the industry. All our staff members are appropriately trained on the guidelines and protocols that should be observed every time. Therefore, our staff members will always show high levels of integrity and professionalism during the relocation process.


We are an insured removal company. This means that you will be compensated immediately if there’s damage to any of your belongings. However, our team ensures proper packaging of clients’ belongings to avoid these damages.


Our company offers a high level of transparency during the moving process. First, we do not have any hidden costs in our estimates. Some companies do not include all fees on the quotes, thereby giving the clients a hard time trying to look for extra cash to cover the hidden costs after moving. This is not the case with us. Secondly, our staff members show a high level of integrity, meaning that you can’t lose any of your belongings to theft.


At Six Brothers Removals, we have a good reputation. This is because our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We are a reputable company offering high quality moving services across Sydney. We usually get a lot of referrals from our past clients. You can have a look at our web site’s comment section to see how our past clients were happy with our removal services.

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons why you should hire us. If you are a Sydney resident and you are looking for removals, Six Brothers Removals are the best solution. We offer all kinds of relocations depending on your budget and timing. For more information regarding our removal services or any other inquiry, you can visit our website or contact us via 1300 764 372. We offer free quotes for all house or business removals to all our clients.

Contact Six Brothers Removalists for all your Sydney removalists needs.

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